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1st Year of Civil Engineering

Structure Analysis II, Economics, Survey II, Geology, Civil Drawing II and Mathematics III

2nd Year of Civil Engineering

Structure analysis III,Material II, Concrete I, Hydraulics I, Architectural Construction, Traffic.

3rd Year of Civil Engineering

Foundations, Irrigation Structures I, Sanitary, Technical Writing and two elective courses.

4th Year of Civil Engineering

Steel Bridges, Concrete IV, Management, Envirionment, Project and one Elective course.


A short brief.

"In Public" Society

We are a bunch of people who work as volunteers to help other class-mates during time of college and after graduation by providing the material required to help them go further in their study and their work as well, we try out best to keep up to date and to keep a little bit gap of time to assign it to help others, so if you like the idea please support us by clicking on adds or by contacting us in order to set up a way of help.

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